Diane Pothier Breeder
Lords & Ladies TICA, ACFA, CFA, Registered
     Melrose, MA | Tel: 781.665.8955 | Email: lordsnladies@comcast.net

Lords & Ladies Ragdolls

Lords & Ladies Ragdolls is a home based, closed cattery where the cats and kittens are raised underfoot as pets.







They are loved, pampered and trained while waiting to go to their new homes.

We have adopted a holistic/natural approach with all our pets. Their food and treats have been developed by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, with the best of all human grade, US purchased ingredients. No chemicals, artificial coloring or flavoring and no-biproducts.

Our animals are given "natural vitamins" every day to keep their immune systems boost and fill in the nutritional blanks, just as their human counterparts! Even their litter is natural. Our cats shouldn't have to scratch around and inhale clay dust or lick it off their paws.

"Measuring Cattery Excellence One Kitten At A Time"

Our cattery is registered with TICA, CFA & ACFA

Bred with all-natural holistic food, vitamins
and litter - raised with lots of love!!

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